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Ten – Heresy And Creed Review

As usual Gary Hughes himself manages to give a fantastic performance and really shows his keen knack for being able to get the most out of the confines of his limited vocal range…

Mind Scans

Mind Scans Volume 8

if you are into the days of old where shredders ruled the earth then you will love some of the individual moments of brilliance to be found on ROCK THE NIGHT. MAIDEN, PRIEST, DIO, SAXON….If these names are of any relevance to you then I suggest you seek this little E.P out…Damn I can’t wait to see what these guys can do with a full album.

Album Reviews

Nightstalker – Dead Rock Commandos Review

DEAD ROCK COMMANDOS is one of those albums that does feel a little long for it’s own good, and without many pace or tempo changes it has a habit of sort of blending into one big fuzz-fest…

Album Reviews

Sons Of Otis – Seismic Review

The Stoner element of the band’s sound is right up at the forefront of SEISMIC, and while there are a few little tidbits of Space Rock threaded throughout I’d be more tempted to call this a Drone Metal album than anything else. .

Album Reviews

Allerjen – Equilibrium Review

The songwriting itself it the highlight of the album and shows that these guys understand how to mix styles and still come out sounding cohesive…