Ozai – Ozai Review

I don’t customarily review albums older than a couple of months. By that point it’s been out long enough that people have likely already gotten it and made their own decision on what they’re hearing. In fact, it’s really got to be something pretty special and significant for me to wait longer than a month.

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Everthrone – The Dawning Review

The first time I saw Everthrone they were opening for Fates Warning. As this was my first time seeing Fates Warning, frankly, I was WAY more excited about FW than any of the opening bands. Until, Everthrone took the stage and blew my mind. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it: there are far more bad Power Metal bands than good ones.

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Bryan Adams – Get Up Review

This October marks the return of a few Rock legends. Not only did Def Leppard release a full album with new songs, Canadian Rock superstar Bryan Adams presents us a new album with completely new material as well. It took him seven long years to record the new album. In the wait for the new album, he did some live shows, a re-mastered version of his classic “Reckless” and a cover album.

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