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I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from the A Light Within front-man, i love that band loads so i had high expectations, but also an open mind, there’s a lot going on here and there are definitely songs that a creative, visually artistic mind could make something of.

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Warbringer – Weapons Of Tomorrow Review

“Weapons Of Tomorrow” is a stunning piece of studio work from one of the most interesting bands in the thrash metal scene. Warbringer’s research and discovery of personal identity have come to terms with this wild ride into excellent music and lyricism. The diversity of the material and the successful incorporation of those influences into their classic thrash roots keeps up the excitement during the whole journey. “Weapons Of Tomorrow” is the strongest studio release of Warbringer to date, a pleasantly surprising and entertaining thrash metal masterpiece.

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Starbenders – Love Potions review

Love Potions took me completely by surprise. The album is superb from beginning to end with no fillers at all. From the beautiful and ranging voice of Kimi and the musicality of the guitars, drums and bass, this album is proof the future of Rock ‘N’ Roll is in safe hands with the next generation.

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Volturian – Crimson Review

Crimson is a very strong debut, and while I think some metal fans may be disappointed by it, anyone looking for a nice, energetic yet fairly calm and relaxing melodic metal album should find a lot to like here. Volturian have gotten off to a strong start, with plenty of catchy, trance infused melodic metal tracks, and while it won’t appeal to everyone, fans of Frozen Crown or Sleeping Romance should at least try a track or two, to see if it’s worth a full listen, while fans of Amaranthe or Metalite should find a lot to like. As a fan of all the above, I find the album quite enjoyable, and will check out any potential future releases by the band.

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Testament – Titans of Creation Review

The Bay Area legends have released a fresh piece of excellent thrash metal, an authentic pleasure for the followers of the genre. This should not be a surprise, because Testament has always given birth to amazing thrash metal material through their long successful career, but on the other hand they have crossed the boundaries of the old school sound

Album Releases Album Reviews CD Releases

Snake Oil & Harmony – Hurricane Riders – Album Review

Label: Zero One Entertainment Released: Out Now Members: Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network) Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) Track Listing: The Lines Are Open Last Man Standing Aberfan Dance in the Heart of the Sun Another Reason Damned If You Do Where the Water Goes Cannonball Save the Day Little Hercules Dan Reed, lead vocalist and composer […]

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Dynazty – The Dark Delight Review

When I first heard Renatus, I was simultaneously blown away, while also a bit nervous about whether or not Dynazty could top that, or even match it. While their previous two releases didn’t quite reach those same heights, they were still excellent, and now with The Dark Delight, the band has delivered another masterpiece, with some of their absolute best songs to date. Fans of the band are almost guaranteed to be pleased with this release, while anyone looking for some excellent melodic metal with a mix of heavy guitar work, excellent use of trance keys, slight power metal elements and a spectacular vocal performance, is highly recommended to give this a listen, as I don’t see any similar bands putting out a better album than this any time soon!