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Metalite – A Virtual World Review

Over the past decade or so, there’s been an increasing rise in metal bands who play a very melodic style that almost edges into pop territory, at times, usually leaning heavily on catchy vocal hooks and lots of cheesy keyboard effects. While bands like Amaranthe and Temperance are my favorite of this emerging style, other bands have come close to reaching them in recent years, with one particular favorite being Swedish melodic metal band Metalite.

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Everdawn – Cleopatra Review

Although EVERDAWN is not doing something completely different here, they are nevertheless bringing us a lot of sensational songs on their new album Cleopatra, so I can highly recommend you to check it out if this kinda music is up your alley.

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March In Arms – Pulse Of The Daring Review

Hold your horses and stop for a minute, because MARCH IN ARMS from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States is a superb sensational band you absolutely don’t want to miss, because they are playing high-class Melodic Metal like a mix between EVERGREY, PAGAN’S MIND, BALANCE OF POWER and ICED EARTH, with here and there some 80s melodic heavy rock/Hardrock influences as well.

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The Heat Inc. – The Heat Inc. E.P. review

 There aren’t many bands that can show so many different influences and degrees of separation between each song yet somehow, they all feel connected, they all work in isolation as well, yet together it feels like the most unusual yet unbreakable family tree. It’s the Heston Blumenthal approach to making music… this shouldn’t work but by god it sounds glorious! 

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Orden Ogan – Final Days Review

After being a bit disappointed with their previous album, I didn’t have the highest of expectations for Orden Ogan, but they have managed to blow me away and fully win me back with Final Days.