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Evergrey – Escape Of The Phoenix Review

Longevity in music is tough to obtain these fast trying days in the digital age of fast downloads, social media and the ever changing and diverse audiences that get to hear and touch your music. Is hard to find bands that stand the test of times, even for such a niche genre as Progressive Metal. Evergrey, the Gothenburg veterans I think have managed to do this

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Human Fortress – Epic Tales & Untold Stories Review

It’s becoming more and more common for a band to release a compilation album packaged with bits of new or previously unreleased material to keep longtime fans enticed. Usually, I’m not too interested in standard compilation albums, because I can easily just throw on any of a band’s previous releases if I want to hear a particular favorite, but this type of release holds extra interest, by offering up material that may be hard or impossible to find anywhere else, while still serving as a great introduction for new fans, by bringing a bunch of classic material together in one package.

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Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard & Fast Review

The overall vibe of classic rock n roll can be heard throughout all tracks of the album, especially with 7th addition “Fighting Heart” – with riffs and progressions that just make the heart ache for one to be standing front and centre for Ricky and his comrades to be blasting these tunes live, for now we can make do with enjoying this stellar album in the car or with a beer at home!

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Accept – Too Mean To Die Review

After listening to the album several times, the insight arises that Accept has not lost any of their strength on this album. There are no real innovations, but all songs on ‘Too mean to Die’ are 100% Accept anthems with all the unique features the band has established over decades. This album fulfills all expectations. Not more but certainly not less.

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Therion – Leviathan Review

“Leviathan” is the first part in the planned Leviathan trilogy, its sequels Leviathan II and Leviathan III are scheduled for 2022 and 2023 respectively. This new studio project is a skillfully crafted collection of charming melodies, interesting orchestrations and entertaining songs.

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Walking Papers – The Light Below review

Angell’s voice feels like it was born through a deal with the Devil but the distorted guitar work on “The Value of Zero” , the thunderous drums and Benjamin Anderson keyboards create a fog of sound surrounding the band that bring to mind a darker dystopian version of the Doors.