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Primal Fear – 16.6 All Over The World DVD/Live In The USA CD

You’ll be less confined to find another metal band carrying the metal torch as high as Primal Fear. The group has been been producing album after album and always delivering quality metal that the fans come to expect. if you are fan of the band you would definitely enjoy this CD/DVD package as it shows the band touring in spots all over the globe including their North American leg of the tour.

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Pretty Maids – Pandemonium

If you must know Pretty Maids the famous Danish Hard Rock group has roamed the genre realm since 1983 when they release they’re breakthough debut “Red, Hot and Heavy” since then the band has received critical acclaimed and to be sincerely honest I don’t believe they have released one bad release in they’re long career in the scene. Records like “Future World” and “Spooked”…

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Keymonkey – Keymonkey

I must admit that the new album from Italy’s KEYMONKEY came across my desk a while ago now and I’ve to go back to it a few times to really get a feel for what I was hearing. Usually when I’m having trouble I like to read up about the band I’m listening to and see if I can’t get a feel for what they are doing…

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Snew – We Do What We Want

I was truly surprised to discover that SNEW were not an Australian band, because their sound is a direct combination of some of the biggest Aussie acts in ACDC, ROSE TATTOO, THE ANGELS, JET and AIRBOURNE. Sure there is also a striking similarity to ACCEPT, RHINO BUCKET and JACKYL, but let’s face it, those three bands were all directly influenced by the Aussie rock sound anyway.

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Reckless Love – Reckless Love

I can’t say enough about the resurgence of Glam Metal throughout Europe, we have Wig Wam’s awesome record, Babylon Bombs, Crazy Lixx, CrashDiet just to name a few of the grand slams this year of 2010. But now we have a pure straight up 80’s metal Glamara of a debut album from Finnish newcomers “Reckless Love”.

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Votum – Metafiction

METAFICTION is my first experience with Poland based prog metallers VOTUM, and I must admit, if I hadn’t received a promo version of this album I probably would have chased this one up either. After listening to this album on repeat for a day and a half now I must say how glad I am to have turned on to these guys.

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The Lovecrave – Soul Saliva

It has been a while since I heard anything from the female-fronted Goth metal/rock genre that has really impressed me, basically I liked EVANSECENCE, heard a few decent bands in the genre since then and that’s truly been about it. But here in front of me is the new album from Italian gothic rockers THE LOVECRAVE, and I must say, I am truly floored by just how good it is.

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Kissin’ Dynamite – Addicted To Metal

When KISSIN’ DYNAMITE appeared on the scene with their debut album STEEL OF SWABIA in 2008 the general consensus was that it was good, but the band were a bit raw, a bit young and needed a bit more maturing before they would release anything spectacular. Well, it’s only two years later, but holy moly they must have spent every waking second of that time honing their skills…

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Reviolence – Modern Beast

It seems like every day now we hear about a new up and coming Thrash metal band that are keeping the flame of the old-school burning. One of the latest batch of bands to try their luck in the genre are Brazilian Thrashers REVIOLENCE who with MODERN BEAST have mixed a little of the old-school with a little of the new-school to create an album with plenty of energy and a whole lot of neck-breaking, chugging thrash riffs

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Shining Line – Shining Line

Adding flavor to the mix is the borrowed talents of vocalists such as Harry Hess, Robin Beck, Erik Martensson and Micheal Bormann amongst others. The comparisons come to mind because projects like Voices Of Rock and Worldstage shared it’s time in the limelight as many fans of the genre dug both of those records.