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Extreme – Take Us Alive CD/DVD

Records like “Pornographitti” and “III Sides To Every Story” for instance displayed the bands own mix of hard rock and funkiness especially. The band reunited in 2004 and went on to release the come back album “Saudades De Rock” in 2008 and gained some critical acclaimed.

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Masterplan – Time To Be King

Masterplan clearly left their mark on the metal world back in 2002 when Roland Grapow and legendary vocalist Jorn Lande got together and formed the band. Their unique style of Melodic Power Metal and Hard Rock took the genre by storm and blended a sound that has not been too common in the power metal realm since then.

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Serial Obsession – Shotgun

Released by Serial Obsession Music Review Added May 13, 2010 Released by Serial Obsession Music Style: Melodic Hard Rock Links: Links: Links: Tracklist 1. All The Way 2. Costa Rica** 3. Dear Abby 4. Edge Of The Blade 5. Follow You Down** 6. Half Cocked** 7. I Can’t Believe** 8. Inside Out […]

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Imagika – Portrait Of A Hanged Man

The bay area thrash scene has born many a great talent that have gone on to be leaders of the metal movement and collectively sold more albums than you can imagine. Unfortunately when the topic of bay area thrash comes up, most people talk about guys like METALLICA, MEGADETH, EXODUS and TESTAMENT,

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Julien Damotte – Trapped

Most readers of this site have probably not yet heard of JULIEN DAMOTTE, but this is all about to change. Julien is a 23 year old guitar virtuoso from France and TRAPPED is his second solo release following 2003’s DEEP INSIDE. TRAPPED can mainly be described as a prog metal release. I say mainly because there are a few other elements mixed into the album’s nine songs ranging from the

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Inner Wish – No Turning Back

Athens based melodic power metallers INNERWISH have recently signed with Ulterium Records to release their fourth full-length album NO TURING BACK on the 28th of May. We were lucky enough to get an early promo release of the album to review for you, so sit back and enjoy. The album follows the band’s usual sound which is a bit of a combination of Power Metal and Melodic Metal with a touch of Traditional Metal.

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Steve Saluto – Resurrection

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the name, STEVE SALUTO is an Italian guitarist with a very distinct and unique sound. He travels somewhere between HENDRIX, GARY MOORE and seventies funk & soul music.
SALUTO first decided to try the guitar after hearing the now famous guitar solo on the Michael Jackson song BEAT IT which was provided by none other than EDDIE VAN HALEN.

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Blindstone – Rise Above

Since their inception in 2002 BLINDSTONE have been holding up the flag for 70’s inspired blues-rock power trios everywhere. The band’s third full length release RISE ABOVE follows the trend set by the albums before it and supplies the listener with some of the finest groovy blues rock they are likely to hear anywhere.

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Timesword – Chains of Sins

Released by 7 Hard Records – 2010 Review Added April 28, 2010 Release by: 7 Hard Records 5th MARCH 2010 Style: Progressive Metal Links: Tracklist 1. Thousand Year Kingdom 2. Highway To Paradise 3. A New Way 4. World Confusion 5. Skyland 6. Real Mystery Hot Tracks** Vocals – Mark Pastorino Guitar – Dan […]