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Sing along if you DON’T know the words…

With the release of Rob Zombie’s sixth studio album “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser” just a few days away, we somehow got thinking about nonsensical lyrics and song titles, and decided to present to you our top ten rock and metal songs that fit the bill.

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Worlds Apart lead singer Jason MacDavid (Jay Davids) diagnosed with terminal cancer

  It pains me to have received this note in my email the other day, from Jeff, aka JAS a friend of our site and member of Worlds Apart, about the terminally grave state of their lead singer Jason MacDavid (Jay Davids), very tough to read this. We as a site don’t normally plug any go […]


Paragon Anatomy of A Band: The Final Parts…For Now!

If you are familiar with the band then you already know the amazing pipe’s on this man. His range is astounding and his abilities rank up there with the likes of Tony Harnell and James Labrie. No exaggeration, but Sonny is one of the most incredible singers I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing live..