Mike Howe of Metal Church On New CD From the Vault – Creating New Music Is Very Important To Us!

Sometimes, we go by a feel or vibe. In our process, we try to whittle things down to favorite songs, but we both have to agree that we like them to be on a CD. It’s not that we didn’t like these for some reason, they just weren’t as liked in our minds as the ones that went on the CD.


David Sanchez of Havok Discusses the Marking of Their New CD, V!

We had some tours planned but are now being canceled. We were supposed to go to Europe in late July but now waiting to find out if it will happen. It’s hard to say as it is so far away and things with the virus are evolving so quickly. We had planned to start touring the day the CD came out, but that is no longer in the cards for us. The songs would have been fresh to people; now, they have a chance to absorb the CD before seeing us.

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Interview with AJ Channer – Vocalist, Fire From The Gods

But that’s also the beauty of our band, we don’t pigeonhole ourselves in any way. We can and we want to do it all. On the next album, we want to experiment even more, maybe give the sound a real indie vibe, who knows.


Mike Garson On The David Bowie Alumni Tour – It’s A Labor Of Love And I Have To Do It!

“Life on Mars” I must have played over 200 times with David, and every time I played it, I played it a little differently. The band plays the parts as everyone knows from the records. I have always been known as the “loose cannon,” and David gave me the freedom to create new stuff and improvise, provided I played the parts where they were necessary for the production and endings. From the audience’s viewpoint, the band sounds like the records, and I’m the whipped cream on the cake keeping things fresh.


Interview with Collateral front man: Angelo Tristan

The hardest part at the moment, it’s all about getting over insecurities that you might have about your own voice. I can say, it’s just a matter of continuous training at the moment anything that is needed that will just help me get through especially when we are playing 12 nights back to back.