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Exclusive Interview with Mille Petrozza (Vocals, Guitar) (Kreator) in Dublin 26th April 2013

Mille”You would be surprised, before we even went into the studio the band had only played two gigs. I talked to my friends in Exodus and when they told me, before they did “Bonded by blood”they already had like two hundred gigs in their pocket. Though that album sounds so much tighter and so much better because they were used to the material and the material was ready to roll. Listening to “Endless Pain”is very chaotic, as we didn’t get any gigs in Germany at the time, the scene was still developing then, there was no such thing. There was a heavy metal but not a thrash metal scene.”

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Suicidal Tendencies on The Slam City Tour 2013 at Amo’s South End, Charlotte, NC April 26th, 2013

Now for the actual music: despite the fact that I am a huge Rocky George fan and he’s now playing with Fishbone, and despite my misgivings from my prior time of seeing ST, I’m here to tell you, they were tight as a mofo!!! And if I’m not mistaken it wasn’t until about the third song that Mike spoke to the crowd at any great length, but most of his rants were kept short.The setlist was the highlight of the night for me. They played classic stuff,more recent songs, as well as a few from their new album. All era’s blended so well. The band he has assembled right now is insanely talented