Kiss and Motley Crue Concert Review

Perhaps lowering my expectations made the show better, but I’m going with the fact that the entire show was simply fantastic and leave it at that. Was it the greatest KISS show I’ve ever seen? Not a chance! But it was far from the worst. I don’t foresee me stopping wearing my Ace shirt to the Monster tour that will likely be coming around after October when the new album drops

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Savage – Sons of Malice Review

The writing is probably not at part with some of their older material, and the riffs are not as aggressive as they used to be, but for a band that has taken such extended breaks from the scene and trying to retouch base again with their heretic sound, “Sons of Malice” is actually a good effort. I guess I call a coming full circle release and as a more mature band they deliver on what they know they can.

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