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Buckcherry – Rock ‘n Roll Review

Hard rock band Buckcherry is back with their seventh studio album “Rock ‘n’ Roll” that is due to be released on the 21th August 2015, 2 years after “Confessions”. Featuring their newest single “Bring It On Back”, their latest record offers ten tracks that range from groovy, foot-tapping and hip-shaking tracks to beautiful, slow, countryish ballads and faster-paced as well as heavier tracks.

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Gypsy Pistolero – Duende : Last Of The Pistoleros

Lee Pistolero decided to keep the flame alive and dropped the “S” off the end of the band name to signify his taking over and now he has released his first album under the new moniker and it’s titled DUENDE – LAST OF THR PISTOLEROS, a perfect album title really…