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Brainstorm – Midnight Ghost Review

An excellent album that needs to be heard by every fan of power metal out there. Released by: AFM Records Release Date: 28 September 2018 Genre: Power Metal Links:  Line Up: Andy B. Franck: vocals Torsten Ihlenfeld: guitars Milan Loncaric: guitars Antonio Ieva: bass Dieter Bernert: drums Tracklist: 01. Devil’s Eye 02. Revealing The […]

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Dynazty – Firesign Review

Sometimes a band will make an album that’s so game-changing, it can earn the band a ton of new fans who would have otherwise not been interested in their music. For me, one such album is Renatus, the fourth full-length album from Swedish melodic metal band Dynazty.

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Manimal – Purgatorio Review

I wasn’t exactly expecting much from their new album, but I decided to give it a go, and after a couple listens I found myself pleasantly surprised

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Bonfire – Temple Of Lies Review

Four years ago Ziller had to face a major line-up change. Singer and founding member Claus Lessmann left the quintet from Ingolstadt, Germany and was replaced by former Accept singer David Reece.

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Borealis – The Offering Review

The Offering takes the band to the next level. Better songwriting, stellar performances, and such power sonically make this an easy contender for album of the year for me.