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Priest, Body Machine – Album Review

If you’re willing to open your mind and your sense to Priest then you’ll love this. If you’re closed and narrow minded and think rock and metal ceased to deliver after 1983, give up, go home and never darken my path again you sanctimonious old farts!

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Elvenstorm – The Conjuring Review

Despite what their name might suggest, Elvenstorm aren’t a fantasy power metal band at all. In fact, even their lyrics are much darker than fans of the genre would expect

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Ghost Bath – Starmourner Review

The latest 12 track offering from Minot, North Dakota’s GHOST BATH titled Starmourner is full of hooks and technical brutality that both old and new fans of the band will enjoy.

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Ozai – Ozai Review

I don’t customarily review albums older than a couple of months. By that point it’s been out long enough that people have likely already gotten it and made their own decision on what they’re hearing. In fact, it’s really got to be something pretty special and significant for me to wait longer than a month.

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Stratovarius – Eternal Review

Few bands in the power metal world have as much credibility as Stratovarius. Since hitting the scene in 1984 the band has forged a sound and legacy that has influenced countless bands and been at the vanguard of a genre they are one of the originators of. With bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian, they have set the standard for a genre that has a tendency to be so derivative, yet with each release they seem to take that standard they set decades ago and raise it with each and every album. Few bands of this style come to my mind at least that have never ventured too far from Power Metal, yet at the same time sound fresh and amazing.

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Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods Review

With the length of time a band like Kataklysm has been around, and the wealth of amazing music they have released, one would imagine that they would be one of the foremost Death metals on the tips of the tongues of fans of the genre. And I would say that those who have been following the style forever and explored the deepest, darkest realms of Death metal, know this band quite well.

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The Fill-In’s – Fifth Time’s The Charm Review

The Fill-In’s had one of my favorite albums last year with their debut full length album Hipster Killers. I got it a little late to review it, but it was such an amazing record I had no choice but to make it one of my Top 5 releases of 2014. When I was given the chance to preview and write about their second full length album Fifth Time’s the Charm, I was beyond ecstatic. It looks like they’re going to wind up as one of my favorites of 2015 too.