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Hollow Haze – Memories of An Ancient Time Review

There are many great melodic metal bands coming from Italy, but one band that I think deserves more attention than they get is the relatively unheralded but consistently impressive Hollow Haze. They started out as a solid progressive heavy metal band in the early 2000’s, putting out four albums in that style, with their third album “End of a Dark Era” serving as my introduction to the band.

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Battle Beast – Unholy Saviour Review

This month (January 2015), Battle Beast will return to the European roads with Sabaton and Delain, a three band bill to die for. Sabaton of course have supported Battle Beast from the off and even included a cover of ‘Out Of Control’ as a bonus track on their current album Heroes. Miss the tour at your peril.

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NIVA – Incremental IV Review

When it comes to quality AOR music, NIVA was a huge surprise to me in 2013. “Magnitude” was an all-inclusive package for each Melodic Rock fan and just one year later singer and songwriter Tony Niva presents us his follow-up “Incremental IV”

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Red Remedy – Oblivion Review

RED REMEDY have an interesting sound that takes its cues from a mixture of modern radio rock and some late nineties/early 2000’s alternative rock and metal a la bands like INCUBUS, SEVENDUST and fellow hometown heroes GRINSPOON. But where the sound really flourishes is with the addition of a heavy layer of melodic rock sensibility and a real no-jokes underlying groove.//

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Raygun Rebels – Bring Me Home Review

The band’s sound draws influence from the sunset strip sound of the eighties with some early day GUNS ‘N’ ROSES and some MOTLEY CRUE and even a slight, slight hint of POISON, but where things get interesting is the inclusion of some obvious influence from some seventies rockers like AEROSMITH and NEW YORK DOLLS…

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Badmouth – Heavy Metal Parking Lot Review

This new album improves on every element from the debut tenfold and if I didn’t know better I would swear it’s another group entirely. The base sound is still a pretty basic hard rock groove, but this time around the songs are catchy…