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LTNT (Lieutenant) DAO E.P LAUNCH Live at Our Heart Black Tavern, Camden, UK

According to their bio, life is boring for Ben Clarke, Neil Hunt and Liam Lever the three members of alt rock power trio LTNT. Nowadays, with it being so easy to NOT get killed by random events in the world, boredom it appears forced the three of them to form a band build up a following and lay down some tracks culminating in the release of ‘DAO’, a five track E.P being showcased here tonight.

Album Reviews

Ajenda – Unrecognizable Review

Not wanting to be left out the rhythm section of Janny and Peter get to lead from the start of ‘Hatred and Greed’ which perhaps again highlight that lack of record deal frustrations when “every fucker’s on the take I swear”.

Album Reviews

Tremonti – All I Was Review

The fact that the guitar playing and the songwriting are both of a very high quality may not be much of a surprise, but what is a surprise is Tremonti’s vocals…

Album Reviews

Nameless Crime – Modus Operandi

Definitely an eclectic mix of styles and sounds and an interesting premise to base a band around and miraculously enough they actually succeed fairly well here. I do think they sound overall a little bit rough around the edges but that will all be improved with time I’m sure…

Album Reviews

The Shiver – A New Horizon

Italy’s THE SHIVER may not have much to offer in the originality department but they certainly know their subject matter well and are easily one of the better female fronted gothic metal bands to come out in the last few years.

Album Reviews

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – D.R.U.G.S

As far as post-hardcore music goes, this is truly one of the best examples of the genre that I have ever heard and it’s obvious that the time each member spent in other bands was merely a warm up for what was to come with this collaboration…