Live Gig Photos

Amon Amarth and Darkest Era live at Limelight, Belfast on August 12th, 2014

No doubt however regarding the technical abilities of the Amon musicians…Cant love it all I guess-that’s what makes us individuals…I did enjoy some of the finer technical and crafted melodies in some of the bands songs. Guess there is a glimmer of hope for me then-and I would never say never to venturing along to give Amon Amarth a second chance.


Interview with Fredrik Andersson (Drummer) (Amon Amarth)

I am proud of being where I am right now. I mean when I grew up I am pretty sure that most people knowing me like in school they thought that I would be dead by now. At least we are a pretty drug-free band. No one really does any hardcore drugs we drink. I think we try to do it right.

Live Gig Photos

Live Photos Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at The Comcast Theatre Hartford, CT Sunday July 21st, 2013

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival one of largest metal festivals on the planet, invaded the Comcast Theater in Hartford, CT this part Sunday the 21st. Myglobalmind Online Magazine was there covering the Mayhem as the tour is midway through their summer stint. The headliners this year we’re Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon and Amon Amarth. See below for the rest of the line up and stages.

Album Reviews

Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods Review

Extreme metal fans prepare to have your face melted off by the metallic brilliance of this record. Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods is an early contender for album of the year already. I don’t toss that statement out lightly either. So take notice bands planning on releasing new music throughout the rest of the year. The bar has been set high with this one!