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Amorphis – Under the Red Cloud Review

As someone that listens to a lot of music and knows a lot of bands, there are some I just miss. I know I have said this before, but it’s a plain truth: there are too many bands to keep up with, and definitely too many out there I want to check out, but just never get around to. Amorphis is another of those bands. I’ve heard the name plenty over the years and always intended on giving them a fair shake as what I had read about them sounded like it was likely my sort of thing. The only albums I have listened to in the recent past was 1996’s Elegy and 2009’s Skyforger.

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South Park Festival live in Tampere, Finland Recaps and Highlights

Metal heads might look and sound a bit snobbish sometimes when talking about music but they are definitely much deeper in their dedication than any indie music or hip-hop fans. And they are more willing to accept you in their brotherhood too, if you just share the same passion for music. You can definitely feel it when you come to the festivals like South Park.

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Amorphis – Circle Review

So in the end, I’m definitely a bit disappointed with this album. It’s not a catastrophe or anything, but it’s not up to par with the last few to me. It’s also definitely not that Tomi can’t sing anymore and it’s obviously not that the band suddenly suck at their craft. It’s just that the album feels a little different from the past ones and I don’t quite like several of the songs featured on Circle