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Sepultura – Quadra Review

The quartet from Brazil never stands still and ‚Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering’ underlines it. The clean female vocals are something you don’t expect from the Thrash Metal pioneers but fit very well into the context of the album. In general, it’s the bottom part of the tracklist is a bit more experimental and acoustic while the first songs are the ‘right-in-the-face’ smashers with ‘Capital Enslavement’ including the tribal rhythmic the band’s known for

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Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance Review

Metal Allegiance is a musical collective celebrating the one thing that they/we all love. Thrash. The Tri Facta Team of Portonoy, Skloknick and Ellefson to create the foundation of these 9 little gems of headbanger candy is pure genius. The open creative door policy of Metal Allegiance is something that metal fans only dream about.