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Roxanne Radio Silence Review

Released by: Rat Pak Records Release Date: Out now! Genre: Album Oriented Rock Links: Line Up: Jamie Brown: vocals, guitar, piano Joe Infante: bass, vocals John Butler: guitar, vocals David Landry: drums George Lynch: guitars on “Super Bad” & “Go Fuck Yourself” Dug Pinnick: vocals on “Go Fuck Yourself”, bass on “Man in the Moon” Ray […]


Creye – Creye Review

I used to be a super optimistic, then I became an adult. And truth be told, after years of getting my hopes up for things only to have them dashed I realized maybe it was better to lower my expectations.

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Groundbreaker – Groundbreaker Review

If this album isn’t at the top or at least in many Top 5 of the year lists I will be shocked. In a year of some standout releases, Groundbreaker with their s/t debut is pulling no punches and hopefully giving the fans of melodic rock not just another one off project..

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3.2 – The Rules Have Changed Review

If you enjoy more melodic, pop-oriented Prog Rock, 3.2’s The Rules Have Changed should fit the bill. Berry took to the task of filling some spots for some legendary figures and came out shining like a star.

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Airrace – Untold Stories Review

Released by: Frontiers Music Srl Release Date: 10 August 2018 Genre: Album Oriented Rock Links: Facebook   Lineup: Adam Payne:  Vocals Laurie Mansworth:  Guitar Rocky Newton: Bass Linda Kelsey Foster: Keyboards Dhani Mansworth: Drums   Track Listing: 1.    Running Out Of Time 2.    Innocent 3.    Eyes Like Ice 4.    Different But The Same 5.    New Skin 6.    […]

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Clif Magness – Lucky Dog Review

Lucky Dog is a brilliant AOR masterpiece. Stepping away from the Adult Contemporary world, he adds a bit more edge to his sound than was shown on Solo, as well as his work with others.