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91 Suite – Back In The Game Review

And, if all that was said was not enough, the version “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do For You” features none other than guest vocalist Robin Beck, who joins the Spaniards, making it clear that 91 Suite’s music expands overseas and performing excellently, together with Jesús Espín, a great song that puts a beautiful final touch to Back in the Game.

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Ousey/Mann – Is Anybody Listening Review

These guys have it all packaged into something you tend to expect from Escape Music, the melody, and the hooks, are all there. Chris is a tremendous vocalist who’s work we always try to publish as it usaully stands out and is of high quality; and the rest of the band with Mann on guitars bring it all together as Top Notch Melodic Rock.

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Caught In Action – Devil’s Tango Review

Music, at its best, is a time machine. An album, a song, can transport back to a time of great memories, great friends, sad times, and tragic loss. It can remind you of so much, whether you want it to or not. Therefore, for me, when I hear something new that taps straight into that nostalgic vibe, if it is done properly, and without ripping it off and poking fun at it, I can love it as much as I do the classics. That same nostalgia is born again and may even create new memories.

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Heartland – Into The Future Review

Those who are already fans, they’re back!! New to Heartland? You need to get Into The Future if you love AOR Melodic Hard Rock because this is top-notch stuff right here. This is well worth a decade’s wait. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another decade for more. 

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The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic II Review

There is something to be said for consistency and no band has consistently continued to not only release continuously excellent material but seemingly find ways to top themselves time and time again better than those party-loving, wine-drinking, lovers of life The Night Flight Orchestra. Returning with their 5th release and the stunning follow-up to Aeromantic (2020) is the sequel entitled Aeromantic II.


ART OF ILLUSION is a new Swedish AOR project formed around songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Anders Rydholm (PROMOTION, GRAND ILLUSION)

I like Lars voice a lot and I was just curious of how my songs would sound like with him as a singer. So much of the music is the singer, the voice, the emotions and the dynamics. I sent Lars 4 songs and we both liked the end result. “Catch You If I Can” is the only song of those 4 that’s on the album. No fault with the rest, but the more we have worked, the more we have found new common grounds and the confidence to tweak and adapt the music has grown. The last songs recorded are “My Loveless Lullaby”, “Snakebite Charm” and “Let The Games Begin” so the album moved more and more in another direction. If you listen to these song’s, you will understand what I mean

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Wildness – Ultimate Demise Review

A highly recommended album to anyone who likes classic big-time anthemic Melodic Rock and despite I started the review with me saying it’s a typical Swedish Melodic Rock/AOR affair, WILDNESS definitely has much more to offer and deliver a masterpiece in our genre here.

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Cats in Space – Atlantis Review

The album continues with another big anthemic Pomp/Melodic Rocker titled Seasons change, which also reminds me a bit of LIONHEART’s Hot tonight album from the 1980s, while closing track is the title track, another majestic QUEEN/TOUCH ish semi-ballad anthem. CATS IN SPACE have reached the absolute superstardom in Pomprock/Classic AOR/Melodic Rock with this new album, easily beating any release in the genre of the past 10-20 years! Check them out please for God’s sake!!!


Interview with Cats in Space Frontman Greg Hart

There was no master plan, just some songs that took you back to the golden age of rock and pop, 70s inspired tunes that we really dug and wanted to write in a style that had no limits, like the early Queen & ELO albums