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Gunner – Desire

I would say the best way to describe them would be take some DANGER DANGER, mix it with a bit of PRETTY MAIDS and add an ever so slight helping of IRON MAIDEN. While this may sound like an exciting combination, this is definitely the work of a band in its early stages and there is a bit of work left to do if they are going to seriously try and push their way into the genre…

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The Jan Holberg Project – Sense Of Time

Jan actually landed none other than the AOR master Joe Lynn Turner to lend his amazing vocal talents to the whole album, well minus the two instrumental tracks of course…

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Tommy James – A Night In Big City…Plus

As if that wasn’t enough to be worth your money, there are also eight…count ‘em again…eight bonus tracks that have been collected from various B-sides and unreleased demos from between 1974 to 1991. They vary in quality but each is a worthy addition and something that fans will want to delve into for sure…

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Danger Avenue – Long Overdue

While HOUSTON, H.E.A.T. and DEGREED were more keyboard orientated, DANGER AVENUE has 2 guitarists in their line-up, so their material is more guitar orientated, although the hooks and choruses are definitely pure AOR/Melodic Rock.

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Whitesnake – Forevermore

Here it is folks…. The best album of 2011 winner is FOREVERMORE by WHITESNAKE!! “What?” I hear you saying… “But it’s only March, how can he do that?” Well, I guess there’s a possibility of a better album coming along some time this year but man it seems unlikely so for now just stick with me…

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Robin Beck – The Great Escape

The title track has some inspired high rising guitar lead reminds me in places of some House of Lords material, which doesn’t surprise me sine James was had an integral part on Robin’s new record, the opening keyboards are somewhat memorable also.He also lends his power vocals in the chorus on the potent “All The Rivers” with a chunky AOR groove.

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Giuffria – Giuffria (Retro Review)

Some recent news on the band came down by former guitarist Craig Goldy on a radio metal show in 2010 stating talks about a reunion we’re in the works, so we may get to hear yet another reunion in the horizon.


Boulevard – re-release of two absolute AOR classics!

Boulevard is considered as one of the most important arena rock bands in the history of Canadian music. Their two classic albums – the self-titled “Blvd” and “Into The Street” – brought a fantastic mixture of 80’s pop and rock, similar to what bands such as Toto, Mr. Mister and Glass Tiger had to offer.