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Star One – Revel in Time Review

Overall, Revel In Time is a fantastic album, the likes of which I’ve come to expect from Arjen Lucassen. It features some of his heaviest guitar work in recent years (since at least the previous Star One album back in 2010), as well as his typical super catchy vocal hooks and choruses, some very complex arrangements, fantastic musicianship, incredible songwriting, and some excellent guest vocal performances all around. Fans of Star One or Lucassen, in general, are sure to love this, while any fans of progressive metal are highly recommended to give this a listen, as it’s certain to be one of the highlights of the year. Even though we’re only in early February, this is already pretty much guaranteed a place in the top 5 albums of 2022 by the end of the year, and I won’t be shocked if it’s at the absolute top, it’s that good.


Ayreon Announce ‘Into the Electric Castle’ 20th Anniversary Re-Issue – Remixed & Remastered by Arjen Lucassen

Ayreon Into the Electric Castle 20th Anniversary Re-Issue – Remixed & Remastered by Arjen Lucassen Out on 3LP, 5-disc Earbook and Limited Edition Box Set Release date Earbook & 3LP: 26th October 2018 The 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set ships before the end of 2018 Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group Pre-sale from […]

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Arjen Lucassen – Mastermind of the Rock Opera Ayreon – Do What’s Really In Your Heart Because That’s What You’re Best At

I thought people would hate it. I was right, I had to shop for a year with it. Thirty record companies turned me down. But I just persisted, and at some point a Japanese record company released it and the rest is history.


Ayreon Reveals Four Fan-videos Simultaneously

Ayreon Reveals Four Fan-videos Simultaneously For New Instant Grat. Track “the Source Will Flow” In Front Of April 28th Global Release Of The Source

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Ayreon – The Theory Of Everything Review

With The Theory Of Everything Arjen has delivered another masterpiece, filled with many different musical styles, seven strong guest singers, many guest musicians, and an unforgettable story that’s sure to take you on an emotional ride. In short, it delivers everything an Ayreon album should deliver, then it goes one step further and enters rare territory: The Human Equation is my favorite album ever…