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Sinner – Brotherhood Review

What also makes ‘Brotherhood’ a very interesting album is the list of guest vocalists Mat Sinner could win for the new record. Oliver Palotai, Ralf Scheepers, Ronnie Romero, Tom Englund, and death metal icon Dave Ingram, all contributed to the class of this album.

Album Reviews

Amorphis – Halo Review

‘Halo’ is a mature album that showcases a band that after three decades still has a passion for metal. There is no sign of tiredness or musical fatigue. Amorphis’ heart still pumps real metal through their veins which allows the six Finns to unleash an album that belongs already in early 2022 to the highlights of this year.

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Michael Schenker on New CD, Universal – My Songwriting Is Like a Kaleidoscope; It’s Always a New Picture After You Shake It!

The universe will never be the same after Michael has put forth this sonic guitar assault. Universal delivers precisely what you would expect from this legendary guitarist; crushing and memorable riffs, tastefully melodic solos, terrific guitar tone, and soaring vocals by Ronnie Romero [Rainbow, Vandenberg], Michael Kiske [Helloween], and Ralf Scheepers [Primal Fear].