Interview with Wednesday 13, Dublin August 7th 2018

We sat down for a chat with Wednesday 13 before his headline show in Dublin. He told us about how his music with Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 became more popular after collaborating with Joey Jordison. He discussed future releases and re-releases from both Murderdolls and his own band. He talked making horror movies and his thoughts on Rob Zombie’s work

Live Gig

Wednesday 13 & Combichrist, Tivoli Theatre Dublin, August 7th 2018

The extra time afforded by the closing slot means that we are treated to some tracks not regular on recent setlists, including two extra tracks from the Frankenstein’s Drag Queen days; ‘197666’ and ‘Rambo’ (during which W13 takes aim at members of the audience with his laser-sight automatic gun)