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Rory Gallagher – Irish Tour ’74 DVD Review

The blue collar style of the band in general added eve more synchronicity on stage and that also dug well with the fan base. You’ll notice that they all share the same backstage rooms and don’t have fancy assistants or are inducing themselves in any psychedelic drugs. A bottle of Guinness and some instrument adjustment is what the band mettle’s with before hitting the limelight.

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Los Lonely Boys – Rockpango

This new album ROCKPANGO (which loosely translates to ROCK PARTY) sees the band trying a few new things while still retaining that insatiable tex-mex feeling that gained them their success in the first place. There’s a load of SANTANA inspired Latin rock to be found on the disc, while some funk rock, Texas blues and even some alternative rock also flows throughout…

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Brian Robertson – Diamonds And Dirt

Brian Robertson is probably best known as the guitarist that replaced Gary Moore at the beginning of THIN LIZZY’S successful patch, which he played a role in by the way. He is also quite well known for the fact that he joined MOTORHEAD for one album in 1983 titled ANOTHER PERFECT DAY. While he wasn’t really an ideal fit for the all-out dirty rock of Lemmy and co…

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The Jeff Healey Band – Get Me Some

“Jeff Healey formed his band in 1985, with drummer Tom Stephen and bassist Joe Rockman. Known for playing the guitar flat on his lap, Healey perfected a unique, vibrato-infused resonance that solidified the band’s signature sound.”…

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Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl

I do however have a bit of a problem with just how out there some of the material on offer is, and while versatility has always been Bonamassa’s selling point, on DUST BOWL he branches out just a little bit too far on occasion and I would have preferred a couple more straight blues tracks on the disc, but at least Joe has clearly experimented with some different guitars and different effects on the album which is pretty cool and it’s fun to sit and try and spot where he is using different guitars and setups…