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Duffy Kane – Dead Man Walkin’ Review

And actually the whole CD shows these different styles of traditional American sounds (Blues meets Country meets Bluegrass Rock) and the natural way of Duffy’s voice (both raw and clean) is perfectly suitable to fit these various music styles and make it a pleasure to listen to the album from start to finish. Duffy is a huge talent, who could easily be on a major label and let’s just hope this Dead man walkin’ will be his breakthrough record

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Bonafide – Bombo Review

“WTF” will probably be first three words uttered upon listening to opening and title track of Bonafide’s latest release


Interview with Phil Campbell (Vocals) (The Temperance Movement)

We got this massive break in front of these pure rock guys, the old guard so to speak like Brian May. We came on, blasted a couple of tunes and were loved for it. Then we were played on Planet Rock radio and the views of our videos went up massively. We tried to capitalize, as we had some video presentations of us doing”Only Friend”. It went to over a 100,000 views after that. That to me was the lucky break for us, it felt amazing because we came onto the same stage that Led Zeppelin had played. First thing that I did when I went home is watch Led Zeppelin live at the Albert Hall”.

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Awek – Rich And Famous Review

RICH AND FAMOUS is the band’s seventh full-length release over a sixteen year career and a pure joy to listen to from start to finish…

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ZZ Top – Texicali Review

The E.P has done for me exactly what it was meant to do…Made me both very keen and also quite curious to see just how ZZ TOP sound in the full album format…

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Joe Bonamassa – Driving Towards The Daylight Review

if you are a fan of any type of electric blues music, blues rock, amazing guitar playing or just rock music in general then there is no reason that you shouldn’t rush out and grab a copy of this record right now!…

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Diesel – Under The Influence

Though the early years of DIESEL were spent with funked-up Aussie pub rockers THE INJECTORS, and his last decade or so have been spent in a more middle of the road acoustic based style, the sound of American blues has always been evident in his music one way or another. His credibility as one of Australia’s best blues axe slingers was solidified back in 1996 as part of a joint project with another Aussie blues hero in Chris Wilson…