Interview with Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X

“It’s been, you know, like any journey. Filled with valleys, and vast peak rises, and low peak rises. It’s still surreal for me, because I was a fan of Bon Jovi. ‘Living On A Prayer’ was the rock of my youth. “

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Best Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2016 Myglobalmind Staff Picks

Another hard rocking year has come to pass and that means more great music has come and gone in 2016. The best part for us writers who get the privilege to listen to a boatload of great music every year is introducing you to our favorite albums throughout the year. This year our staff of writers is sharing […]

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Bon Jovi – Burning Bridges Review

Over four weeks ago, it came as a huge surprise when Bon Jovi announced that a new album was in the works. But to be honest it isn’t that “new”, because “Burning Bridges” consists mainly of songs that were originally written for older albums. It’s not a collection of demos, because the tracks were recorded a few months ago, so this LP is supposed to be a “fan album” to fill the gap until a brand new record is released in 2016. It also marks the first record in Bon Jovi history without Richie Sambora on guitars (which makes it to a Jon Bon Jovi solo record in my opinion, but later more on that). The big question is: can this album shine, where its predecessor failed?