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Cage – Ancient Evil Review

For the past few years, Cage had been one of those surprising gaps in my power metal collection. I had heard great things about them, but my attempts to get into their two previous albums Science of Annihilation and Supremacy of Steel did not go nearly as well as I expected based on all the praise I had seen for the band, so I made no further efforts to check out their music.

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Death Dealer – Hallowed Ground Review

I’m not sure what they have done other than tour to make themselves improve even more, but whatever it was they need to keep at it. Truly, Death Dealer is one of the best new metal bands out there right now

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Death Dealer – War Master Review

Everything about this album exemplifies why I love metal music so much. Brilliant songs performed by fantastic performers playing classic music that harkens back to the old days of cocksure metal yet positioning themselves squarely in modern times, War Master from Death Dealer deliver a sound sorely missing in today’s music and one that I hope will continue putting out music until all other bands are laid to waste in the wake of their heavy metal supremacy!