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Danko Jones/The Amorettes live at Whelan’s, Dublin September 18th 2015

Although he performs his music with a brilliantly controlled ferocity, at times his interaction with the crowd is just as compelling. When he addressed, as he called it “the big fucking elephant in the room“, meaning the empty balcony above, it drew a loud belt of laughter

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Interview with guitarist \ vocalist – Danko Jones

With a UK tour in full swing, support coming from Ireland’s own ‘The Amorettes’, Danko Jones took time out before the Dublin show to speak to MGM reporter Brian Boyle to discuss all things DJ and why it’s been a while since we’ve seen them on this side of the pond;


Interview with Matt Marinelli (Guitars & Vocals) (Borealis)

The elements, let’s say with our new album Purgatory, it is a concept album and it’s just something interesting about that dark, not necessarily emo in that genre I guess but…I guess it’s hard to explain. It’s just one of those things when I see Evergrey it kind of like (makes “hunh” sound) it gives you like that shiver where it’s dark and it’s, but it’s not emo

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Pomegranate Tiger – Entities Review

Regenesis just made me sit back and smile. With just acoustic guitar to open the track that soon emerges into violin and bass, it was an incredible close to a wonderful album. Entities was a pleasure to listen to. The thrill and emotion displayed was a feast for the ears. I give Pomegranate Tiger kudos for delivering an outstanding performance on Entities.

Album Reviews

Stealing Eden – Truth in Tragedy Review

ever since the Grunge/Alternative Rockscene tore the Classic American Hardrocksound upside down 20 years ago, a new style has developed within the Rockworld. The past 10 years the sound has gone more melodic, catchy and accessible than the whole 1990s decade.

Album Reviews

Machine Head – Unto The Locust Review

UNTO THE LOCUST bears a strong neo-classical vibe throughout and while it’s easy to spot as being MACHINE HEAD it’s yet another fresh feather in their cap, and while not quite to the ridiculously lofty heights of its predecessor it definitely comes darn close…

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My Darkest Days – My Darkest Days

Although CHAD KROEGER is involved quite heavily here, MY DARKEST DAYS has musically not much to do with NICKELBACK and actually have somehow an own kinda sound. OK, there’s some similarities to THREE DAYS GRACE here and there, a little DISTURBED as well, sometimes HINDER comes to mind and a lot of 30 SECONDS TO MARS references are notable, but the melodic hooks and choruses are actually straight out of the 1980s New Wave ish Poprocksound…