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Gus G – Brand New Revolution Review

While known for his work with Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage and Mystic Prophecy, the wider American audience will probably recognize Gus G for his performance on Ozzy Ozbourne’s 2010 album “Scream.” To me the guitar sounded like second hand Zakk Wylde and it left me unimpressed. But try not to think of that album — Gus’ second solo L.P. is a pretty decent blast of melodic metal.

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Marduk – Frontschwein Review

It must be difficult being so revered in your chosen genre that you are looked at as one of the stalwarts and leaders of many who have come after you. It would seem pleasing long-time fans is an unenviable task. You can create something that falls strongly in-line with previous work and have people complaining about the lack of progression, or you can try and branch out a bit and do something different and have people complaining about not sticking to your roots.

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Adrenaline Mob – Dearly Departed Review

Adrenaline Mob have released 2 fantastic albums of their own material (Omerta 2012 & Men of Honor 2014), an album of cover versions (Coverta 2013) and now a record in 2015 with rarities and cover versions.

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Fozzy – Do You Want to Start a War Review

If you are an existing fan of Fozzy and don’t have this album yet, then get it because you will love it. If you haven’t heard the band yet then just pick any song and give it a listen as there’s a very good chance you will like it. I recommend this album with no hesitation and suggest you get it as soon as possible then you can hear for yourself why it made my Top 5 albums of 2014 list. With a reputation of being a great live act, I for one am certainly looking forward to the March tour. See you down the front!

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Sanctuary – The Year the Sun Died Review

I want to emphasize that The Year the Sun Died is an amazing album befitting of the Sanctuary name, even if it has more Nevermore tendencies. Both bands are two of my favorites and I’m just happy to get new music of this caliber. Fans already of either band will have no problems loving this album as much as I. I can also see it bringing in new fans easily. People that are expecting a total throwback album may initially be disappointed, but put that aside and just enjoy it.

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Arch Enemy – War Eternal Review

Jeezus, this new record War Eternal is incredible! From start to finish there is not one clunker, and I’ve had it on virtually all week!