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Symphony X and Overkill live at The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC on October 15th, 2015

Despite Russell not feeling great, he still gave a masterful performance, wearing various masks, wielding a cane, and taking on various roles acting out portions of the songs. Since the current album is their interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, there was darker lyrical content, and it was brought to life with his gesturing, not to mention the fact that Allen is one of the best singers in metal today

Live Gig Photos

Firehouse live at Amo’s Southend in Charlotte, NC on Dec 13th, 2013

Speaking of Firehouse, as I have mentioned this was probably my 7-8 time seeing them live. Clearly I’m not only a fan, but a committed fan. I keep seeing them live because they never fail to put on an awesome show. Allen, Bill, CJ, and Michael are all four exceptional musicians and give 100% to their fans no matter what is going on in their personal lives. That is one of the things that I respect the most from them

Live Gig Photos

Suicidal Tendencies on The Slam City Tour 2013 at Amo’s South End, Charlotte, NC April 26th, 2013

Now for the actual music: despite the fact that I am a huge Rocky George fan and he’s now playing with Fishbone, and despite my misgivings from my prior time of seeing ST, I’m here to tell you, they were tight as a mofo!!! And if I’m not mistaken it wasn’t until about the third song that Mike spoke to the crowd at any great length, but most of his rants were kept short.The setlist was the highlight of the night for me. They played classic stuff,more recent songs, as well as a few from their new album. All era’s blended so well. The band he has assembled right now is insanely talented

Live Gig

Steve Vai: The Story of Light Tour Concert Review

So after two and a half hours of some of the most breath taking guitar pyrotechnics I’ve likely ever seen, he humbly thanks the audience for coming out and hoped they enjoyed it and that was the end of that. I don’t know that I would necessarily say this was the greatest concert I’ve ever been to, but it was pretty damn incredible.