Exclusive Interview with Inner Siege (Melodic Power Metal) from USA

We know we don’t “Sound Like” Kamelot, but we are influenced by them greatly. Same with Dream Evil, though we probably sound more like them that any of the Euro bands. We probably didn’t choose our words as carefully as we should have. I think we confused some people when describing our music and describing the band. That was an accident

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Down & Dirty – Taste of Rock & Roll Review

Obviosuly these guys were their influences on their sleeves, or their outfits which are your excessive over the top leather pants and attire, but who cares if you like party bands like Motley Crue, Poison, or Pretty Boy Floyd for instance then you would dig quickly into these young guns.

Album Reviews

Loveblast – Loveblast

The sound/production is of a very high level and musically speaking everything sounds picture perfect, because the guitarwork is excellent (sometimes even stunning!), vocally it is quite good and all the included songs rock the way we want to hear it!