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Stryper – Fallen review

In keeping with 2013’s album “Second Coming”, Stryper have indeed been ‘reborn’ and are currently riding high on a second career. Whether they ever manage to reach the heady heights of their career in the 1980s remains to be seen but on the strength of recent releases, the quality of their output cannot be brought into question.
So what of their latest offering, ”Fallen” to be released 16th Oct? Will it be “The Rock That Makes Me Roll” or will it be heading straight to the “Abyss”?

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Stryper – Live At the Whisky Review

I have told people for a long time now, if you are avoiding Stryper strictly based on the religious message they put out, you are doing yourself a major disservice. I can understand not liking a band based on musical taste, but to totally avoid them because they are Christian and promote their religion I don’t agree with

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Stryper – No More Hell to Pay Review

This offering is a big step forward from the last original release “Murder By Pride” in 2009. “No More Hell To Pay” is rich with classic metal riffs and hooks that hark back to Priest, Sabbath, and The Scorpions…

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Stryper – The Covering

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but wait why would a christian band be covering this song? Because the song kicks ass and so does Stryper. Enough for ya? Good I give them a horns up or down whichever you prefer on the classic UFO cut “Lights Out” featuring a thundering rhythm and bass section