Live Gig Photos

Hey!Hello! & Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors, Brooklyn Bowl, July 22 2016

As you picture a little ‘crotch pot cooking’ we are reminded of what happened in Cambridge. It was a gig so hot that half of the band members and crew fell ill through dehydration and the following show, a second night at the Portland Arms had to be cancelled.

Live Gig Photos

Dan Reed Network, Electric Boys, live – O2 Academy Islington, 26 October 2015

With a new album about to be recorded through Frontiers, personnel changes with Blake Sakamoto leaving the band for personal reasons, a lot is going on in the world of DRN at the moment. The album will be their first new studio output in over 20 years and Rob Daiker is doing a fine job as Blake’s replacement. A long time friend and collaborator of Dan Reed’s appearing on much of his solo work, Rob is a natural fit in the band and has helped ensure the tour is going ahead as planned.
Support comes from Scotland’s ‘The King Lot’ (I see what they’ve done there…!) and Sweden’s ‘Electric Boys’.


Interview with Conny Bloom (Vocals) (Electric Boys)

I remember hearing Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” and “School’s Out” with Alice Cooper and I mean I have been listening to the Beatles and all that 50s and 60s stuff because that’s what my parents used to play but when I heard that I was like ‘Oh shit this is really good!’ So when I heard those bands or those songs I was totally blown away and then I started playing guitar.