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Crystal Ball “Deja VooDoo” Album Review

Genre: Melodic Rock Released by: Massacre Records Release date: 7 October 2016 Tracklist: 1. Déjà-Voodoo 2. Director’s Cut 3. Suspended 4. Never A Guarantee 5. Reaching Out 6. Home Again 7. To Freedom And Progress 8. Time And Tide 9. Without A Net 10. Full Disclosure (*) 11. Fools’ Parade (*) 12. Dr. Hell No 13. To […]

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Crystal Ball – Dawnbreaker Review

I’d even go as far as to say that vocalist STEVEN MAGENEY demonstrates that he’s got a versatile, powerful voice…but it’s all for naught if the material is too by-the-numbers, and that’s holding these guys back from the big big leagues of heavy metal.