Dan Reed Network talks about new music video

To coincide with their UK & European tour, Dan Reed Network talk about the concept behind music video for their sublime and exhilarating new single, ‘Champion’.

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25 Years later.. why 2016 is the year of the Dan Reed Network

I’ve got a song called “99 Lashes” that’s about a really heavy subject about a woman from Iran that’s been sentenced to death for cheating on her husband and she got the standard sentence that women get when they’re accused of infidelity. They’re being whipped 99 times.

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Interview with Dan Reed (singer \ songwriter – Dan Reed Network) Part 1:

Dan Reed Network are back. Of that there is no doubt. A musical wilderness, that saw Dan Reed enter a Buddhist monastery, tear up all of his contacts in the music industry, live in India and Jerusalem before finding his musical muse again and slowly re-emerging into the light, is all forgotten now as the band enter their 3rd year since a ‘one-off’ show on NYE in Portland. The new lease of life, a son and a new album with Frontiers Records in the pipeline, means that Dan has, not surprisingly a lot to say right now. The first of our two part interview is below;

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Dan Reed Network, Electric Boys, live – O2 Academy Islington, 26 October 2015

With a new album about to be recorded through Frontiers, personnel changes with Blake Sakamoto leaving the band for personal reasons, a lot is going on in the world of DRN at the moment. The album will be their first new studio output in over 20 years and Rob Daiker is doing a fine job as Blake’s replacement. A long time friend and collaborator of Dan Reed’s appearing on much of his solo work, Rob is a natural fit in the band and has helped ensure the tour is going ahead as planned.
Support comes from Scotland’s ‘The King Lot’ (I see what they’ve done there…!) and Sweden’s ‘Electric Boys’.