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Whitesnake – The Purple Album Review

Last year a grey cloud hung over the Whitesnake camp following the departure of guitarist Doug Aldrich. Thankfully, a year on that cloud has turned to a healthy purple glow, thanks to some prompting from David Coverdale’s’ missus. What had started as a possible Blackmore/Coverdale venture, eventually collapsed and the legendary vocalist was ready to let it go. But wife Cindy intervened, and hubby done as he was told. And The Purple Album is now reborn and ready to fly. Back in 1973 Coverdale was given the hugely daunting task of replacing the irreplaceable Ian Gillian in Deep Purple.


Interview with Joel Hoekstra (Guitars) (Whitesnake, former Night Ranger)

Everything is under wraps and top secret in that department. The only thing that I can tell you is that its is really cool. Its great, straight ahead rock&roll. Blues inspired rock that you have known and grown to love coming from Whitesnake. We are not going to hit anybody with a formula change and move to smooth jazz. Working with David so far has been great, he is just an unbelievably great guy