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Entombed A.D. – Bowels of Earth Review

With this new album release, Entombed AD have offered a classic but also fun record to their audience. It seems the band has found their stride and even though “Bowes Of Earth” is not the most essential and original death record of all time, it brings the party.

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Lik – Carnage Review

It’s been a while since I have heard a Death Metal band that was relatively new that I felt like writing about

Album Reviews

Isahn – ‘Amr Review

Ihsahn always has, and always will be, an innovative genius in the metal world. From his time in the legendary Black Metal act Emperor to a brilliant solo career, he has utilized every cliché in the book to avoid being cliché.

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Venom Inc. – Ave Review

“Ave” is a raw piece of music that comprises authentic, honest and brutal metal songs. Venom Inc. revitalizes the late eighties spirit with giving it a contemporary expression. Horns up.