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Emmure – Hindsight review

‘Hindsight’ feels like a tribute to all those artists that have influenced the Emmure sound.  If you mixed up the best moments of Korn, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot with a dash of System Of A Down then you arrive at Emmure’s ‘Hindsight’.

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Suicide Silence – Become The Hunter Review

“Become The Hunter” could definitely be defined as a career savior for Suicide Silence, a great piece of advanced technical Deathcore, which will re-establish the American band’s role in the music scene after some missteps they have taken in the past. Even though there are no originality or innovation elements, this is a solid, concrete new record, highly recommended for the devoted deathcore followers. It’s a selective album, maybe not suitable for listeners with a preference for more variety of sound, fewer restrictions, and a tendency to more melodic bands of the genre.

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Carnifex – Wolrd War X Review

“World War X” is certainly the most concrete album release of the American band in their almost fifteen years of a music career.

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Incarnate – Hands Of Guilt/ Eyes Of Greed

INCARNATE are not a band to be taken lightly. At the base of their sound you will find a typical deathcore style, but unlike most bands in the genre that tidy everything up with commercial production values and catchy songs for the younger generation, these guys take a leaf out of the old-school with a level of bash-your-face-in which is closer to traditional death metal than anything current and fresh…

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Scarred By Beauty – Sutra

Where this album succeeds is in the fact that the band doesn’t rest on the laurels of their peers and certainly don’t worry about sticking within the trappings of the genre. This is progressive metalcore with some standard modern metal influences and enough interesting elements to constantly amaze and excite…

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Devastating Enemy – The Fallen Prophet

Right from the beginning of the first track this album cooks, and it doesn’t let up until the very end of the last track. There is a couple of slower and moody interludes here and there, but for the most part this album THE FALLEN PROPHET stays in high gear all the way through…

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Gravity – Syndrome

Metalcore music can be quite repetitive and bland most of the time and is a genre that has really stagnated quickly, but these guys decided to take the sound in a new direction by adding a female operatic-style singer, like a voice you would usually associate with symphonic power metal or operatic gothic metal…

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Of Wrath And Ruin – Conquering Oblivion

The first band that comes to mind when trying to compare these guys to somebody would probably be DIMMU BORGIR, but there is also a very SYMPHONY X vibe here too. Musically this is progressive metal, but it never seems to go too far off into a tangent and cleverly avoids the “wank music” tag by never sacrificing melody for speed or skill…

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Of Blackest Oceans – Vultures

OF BLACKEST OCEANS are a little different in this regard and their ability to write interesting tunes while still pleasing the moshcore crowd is something that deserves applause….