Live Gig Photos

Decapitated & Signs of the Swarm, Live at Opium, Dublin, 31st March 2022

Being an anniversary show, we are of course treated to some early tracks like ‘Nine Steps’ from their debut album Winds of Creation, recorded in 1999, as well as recent favourites like ‘Kill The Cult’ from the most recent 2017 release Anticult, and much in between. In fact, all of their seven-album back catalogue is dutifully represented, and participation never wanes. Both Rasta and founding guitarist Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka do find time for genuinely humble and heart-felt thanks to the fans who have supported them through thick and thin and have been coming to see Decapitated playing live in Dublin since 2002. Two decades of Decapitated. Here’s to the next twenty years!