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Deep Purple – Now What Review

Purple fans that hold allegiance to a particular era of the band that isn’t the current one will likely remain the same in regards to Now What?!, but if one is able to open their mind and allow songs like “Weirdistan,” “Above and Beyond,” “Uncommon Man,” and “Out of Hand” to entertain them, then it’s likely the latest offering from Deep Purple, though not their best album ever, is still pretty good, especially in this day and age of cookie-cutter rock music. It’s nice to hear the band making great music still, and hopefully someday they will get the recognition they so deserve.

Album Reviews

Iron Claw – A Different Game

The feel of the album is raw and natural while still sounding full and professional which should go a long way to pleasing the purists, the guitars are up loud and as dirty as you could possibly want and recently added lead vocalist Gordon Brown has all the makings of a great singer…

Album Reviews

Steve Morse – High Tension Wires (Retro Review)

For those curious minds that don’t know anything about Steve Morse, well is hard to understand why you wouldn’t but in case you need a little background on Morse then you will have to go no further then to know Steve replaced Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple after he split from the band in 1993.


Deep Purple: ‘Gettin’ Tighter’ DVD Trailer

Fans of the all-too-briefly-lived Deep Purple Mk 4 are in for a treat. The band has released a trailer for the upcoming Gettin’ Tighter DVD/Blu-ray, set for release in early 2011. The new film will feature previously unseen concert and interview footage of the band in the last year before their 1976 breakup.