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D-A-D – Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark (DeLuxe Edition) Review

The deluxe edition offers another 16 songs that would cater more to the die-hard D-A-D fans. Five tracks are acoustic versions of songs from the new album. The other eleven are live that not only pull from the new album but past numbers as well. Highlighted by rousing renditions of “Jihad” and “Monster Philosophy”, the new material sounds even more powerful live, especially “Last Time In Neverland” and “The New Age Moving In”.

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Royal Hunt – Future Coming from the Past DVD Review

The bulk of the matter here falls in the quality of the video not in the music because that by itself makes it a good purchase for loyal fans of the band. Similar to the Whitesnake Live at Donington 1990 DVD earlier this year that was a very popular bootleg from the 80’s…

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Anubis Gate – Anubis Gate

Released by: Nightmare Records Release Date: September 13th, 2011 Genre: Progressive Metal Links: Line Up: Kim Olesen – Guitar/Synth Morten & Jespers – Guitar Henrik Fevre – Bass Guitar/Vocals Morten Sørensen – Drums Tracklist: 1. Hold Back Tomorrow 2. The Re-Formation Show 3. Facing Dawn 4. World in a Dome 5. Desiderio Omnibus 6. […]

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Artillery – My Blood

I am not trying to bring the band down but it feels like their best days are behind them now. The monstrous riffs are not there anymore, apart from a few more melacholy moments in the Mid Easter vibe in the songs, I couldn’t find much to rejoice about. Is hard to live up to albums like “By Inheritance” and even their last record “When Death Comes” which featured more melodic riffs and sharper rhythm and bass action on both ends.

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Mike Tramp – Stand Your Ground

This is already his 7th or 8th solo album, and as I’ve been fan of Mike’s extremely unique ‘rough silk’-y voice, I was quite curious to see how does his new material sounds like.