Interview with Mike Spreitzer (guitar) of Devildriver in Dublin on August 15th, 2018

we were going to do a song called ‘Bad Things’ by a guy named Jace Everett. It’s the intro song from the TV show True Blood. I really liked that song, but some of the other guys weren’t into it. We recorded it, and it had a really cool vibe to it, but when Steve and Dez were doing vocals on it, both of them were like “Nah. This ain’t working”


DEVILDRIVER head to the UK with Ministry

California Groove Metallers DEVILDRIVER have been announced as special guests of Ministry for a monster five-date UK run with kicks off in Cardiff on August 16, 2016.

Album Reviews

DevilDriver – Winter Kills Review

If you aren’t already a fan of DevilDriver, and are a fan of unabashed, in your face heavy fucking metal, then you can’t go wrong with their newest release Winter Kills. If you already know who I’m talking about, then buy this fucking album and prepare to have your head bashed in and face melted off with a full force metal assault by one of the finest bands out there of this genre.