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Dio – Magica Deluxe Review

On this deluxe reissue you get outstanding live version of several of the tracks from Magica. Listening to this album again really hits home the tragic loss of such an incredible talent. No one will ever be able to fill his shows. For anyone that is a fan of not only Dio, but metal music period should add this deluxe edition to their collection. It’s a magnificent album and a crowning achievement in a legendary career.

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Dio – Finding The Sacred Heart – Live In Philly 86 DVD Review

What made Ronnie so endearing was how humanly kind he was to his fans and you get that mood from his interviews on the extra features of this DVD, when he’s talking about how he never balked in his music style and why through the years he never changed sound too much, to please the fans, because he new this may enrage some of the loyal fan base

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Jorn – Live In Black CD/DVD Review

Is hard to believe that Jorn is now on his 8th album release including the 2 cover records and the Dio tribute record. The man has alot to offer to the world and that’s not even counting his duo effort with Symphony X front man Russell Allen in the Allen/Lande projects albums which are all steady killer dose of metal.

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DC4 – Electric Ministry

The fact that Bill Metoyer was involved in producing this interesting metal record, a guy who has worked with such acts as Armored Saint, Fates Warning and Wasp peaked my interest.

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The Rods – Vengeance

As far as Dio’s guest vocals on “The Code”, you’ll get what you know will get just Dio singing like his usual surprisingly the song itself sounds a bit some of RJD ‘s material from “Killing The Dragon”. A nice addition if you’re a Dio fan but there’s more the meets the eye to this Rods album even with the name Dio attached to this one tune.

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Rory Gallagher – Irish Tour ’74 DVD Review

The blue collar style of the band in general added eve more synchronicity on stage and that also dug well with the fan base. You’ll notice that they all share the same backstage rooms and don’t have fancy assistants or are inducing themselves in any psychedelic drugs. A bottle of Guinness and some instrument adjustment is what the band mettle’s with before hitting the limelight.