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Megadeth – Endgame

Megadeth – Endgame Released by Roadrunner Records – 2009 Review Added September 13, 2009 . Produced: Andy “Undie” Sneap · Running Time: 44:47 · Release Date: September 15, 2009 · Musical Style: Thrash Metal · Links: Tracklisting 1. Dialectic Chaos 2. This Day We Fight!** 3. 44 Minutes** 4. 1,320** 5. Bite The Hand […]

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Ratt – Infestation

There’s a few glam bands that became the staple of the genre in the early 80’s when TV and radio filled the airwaves with big hair bravado and sexual lyrics along with high flying guitar solos we’re ever so popular not only as fashion statement but as a way of life.

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Riverside – Reality Dream Live (DVD)

Hailed as one of the most important progressive rock bands around, the Warsaw based group Riverside welcomes their first ever live DVD release titled “Reality Dream”. To best described the sound of Riverside is to understand progressive music in general and it’s many styles, of course such names as Dream Theater…

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Gotthard – Need To Believe

If you consider yourself a fan of hard rock then you should know the name of “Gotthard” by heart and should know enough to distinguish the fact that they have been not only atop the leader board in the hard rock kicking your ass category over the past 6 years, delivering the goods that all good hard rockers come to expect from great bands from the past.

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Danger Danger – Revolve

Danger Danger returns to the hard rock scene and reuniting as the original lineup and bringing back Ted Poley which was their original vocalist since their conception back in 1987. As some DD fans remember so well the infamous lineup change to replace Poley for former vocalist Paul Laine, wasn’t a popular choice at the time and some fans rescented that decision.

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Outloud – Outloud

Busting onto the scene full steam ahead are the new hard rock outfit Outloud with their album debut self titled. Even though they we’re formed in 2008, the lineup consists of former members from some recognizable metal and hard rock groups such as lead singer Chandler Mogel (Talon), Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Nightfall) along with Mark Cross ( Firewind).