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Steve Hackett – Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth (Special Edition)

Released by Inside/Out Music – 2010 Review Added March 28, 2010 Discography: 14 Releases with Genesis (1970-77) 2 Releases with GTR (1986-87) 22 Solo Releases (1970-present) 12 Live albums Released – April 30, 2010 Running Time: 46:00 Musical Style: Progressive Rock Links: Tracklist 1. Fire on the Moon** 2. Nomads** 3. Emerald and Ash […]

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Auras – New Generation

The sound they have created is pure early eighties AOR music that brings back vivid memories of bands like JOURNEY, SURVIVOR, FOREIGNER and TOTO just to name a few. I would personally compare the band closer to JOURNEY though, mainly because the album is biased more toward the ballad aspect of things and also the vocalist GIU OLIVER has an uncanny knack of sounding very similar to the legend that is STEVE PERRY when he wants to.

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Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival

Legendary vocalist Jon Oliva of Savatage fame has been around a long time by metal standards, the beginning of Savatage and the turbulence road and personal battles that the band had endured during tough times could of been enough for any regular person to just quit and stop playing music all together. In Jon Oliva’s case, he has continue to produce his staple theatrical metal with his own band “Jon Oliva’s Pain”.

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DesDemon – The Awakening (EP)

We are always please to discover new bands via demo tracks and ep’s, hence we welcome this time the sample EP from Desdemon, a New York city based group with a blend of different styles ranging from thrash metal to dark and progressive to gothic. Interesting that we feature here the strong metal vocals of Mistress Tina, lead front lady for the band. As we all know the symphonic metal genre has quite a few front ladies, and the usual trend there is the operatic and theatrical vocals of each of them…

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Brazen Abbot – Live at Berkrock (DVD)

In 2007 BRAZEN ABBOT headlines the BERKROCK FESTIVAL in Bulgaria in from of over 7000 eager fans. The entire two-hour set was captured on film and is finally seeing the light of day as BRAZEN ABBOT – LIVE AT BERKROCK. As stated on the back cover of the DVD, Nikolo Kotzev wanted to make sure this show was released without any unnecessary studio overdubs, and be as raw and real as possible. This fact is a refreshing change of pace compared to most live music dvd’s these days have so many edits and overdubs that it’s barely even live anymore.

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Helix – Vagabond Bones

I guess if you have never heard of Helix then you have been living under a rock somewhere. The legendary Canadian Hard Rock outfit who has been around since the 70’s, returns once again with it’s 12th full length studio album and 21st album released overall. It contains performances from members of the 80’s Helix lineup: Brian Vollmer, Brent Doerner, Daryl Gray, and Greg Hinz, as well as former member and co-producer Sean Kelly.

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Hellfueled – Emission of Sins

The fourth installment from Swedish Metallers Hellfueled comes to the forefront after taking a short break from extensive touring with bands such as Mustasch, Saxon, Europe, Masterplan, etc over the last years. In case you didn’t know the rich story of Hellfueled can be traced back to the early 1990’s as kids mere kids jamming together Jocke and Andy found a natural thing in common, playing old school heavy metal.

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Firenote – Firenote

A flame has been lit in the cold corners of Finland by newcomer Firenote!!!. Blasting into the scene with a hungry approach and vivacious hooks and melodies that will make other fans of the genre over zealous. Not traditionally known for mainstream Melodic Hard Rock is this lovely country, which is why often times the best music can be found in spots where the music of choice is significantly different. We know Symphonic sensations like Brother Firetribe, Leverage, Nightwish, etc

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Royal Hunt – X

The term “going strong” is usually deemed for bands that are alive and kicking and keep producing material long after the peek of their careers. In this case we are talking about Royal Hunt, who is in a unique position that many bands finds themselves into, trying to use pieces of the old formula to fit the new influences to make something creatively successful. Let me start off by admittedly saying that one of my favorite and most influential albums of all time for me was Royal Hunt’s – Paradox album…