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Sweet/Lynch – Only To Rise Review

Ending on a pulsating note with title track Only to Rise, this song bears all the hallmarks of a relentless jam. Lynchs’ no frills riff work and Tichys’ animalistic skin battering are monstrous. It would be a crying shame if this project was a one off. Sweet and Lynch clearly have a smokin’ hot compatibility. Their energy and enthusiasm are all over this wonderful album.

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Dokken live at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, NC on August 2nd, 2013

. If you’re not a fan and at the show for the love of it, then what’s the point of writing about it? None if you ask me. At any rate I just hope you folks love to read these as much as I love sharing them with you. Until next time my peep’s always remember: Desperate living- driving me mad; writings on the wall. Crushed all our hopes and the dreams we once had just to watch them fall.