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With The Dead – With The Dead Review

When members of different legendary bands form a “supergroup”, it rarely lives up to the goodwill they have earned from their fans. The music is often a watered down and derivative version of the great music they made in their former lineups (Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep forming The Firm, Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden coming together for Audioslave).

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Bedemon – Child of Darkness Review

Bedemon carried on and released a record in 2012 with a new line-up and album honouring the memory of Palmer; this is a great collection of early doom which will be mostly directed towards the connoisseurs and collectors.

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Ancestral Legacy – Terminal Review

At just over 70 minutes, Terminal is a very long album, but it never even begins to overstay its welcome. It’s an excellent gothic/doom metal album which is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys that mixture of styles, and to anyone who enjoys music that can seamlessly transition from calm to chaotic (or do the opposite of that) within seconds.

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Barbarian – Faith Extinguisher Review

Technical riffs?…Nope. Orchestral Intro?…Nope. Progressive Tinges?…Nope. Modern Flair?…Nope. So what do Italian band BARBARIAN offer then?… Dirty, raw, relentless Deathy Thrash Metal with Black Metal influences that will kick you in the balls, rip your guts out and smash your teeth in.

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Sahg – Delusions of Grandeur Review

The rest of the album does not follow this format and incorporates a mixture of Led Zeppelin guitar work drowned in space rock. There is a large dose of Mastodon here as well in the heavy slower riffs, which may lend them mainstream success. To top it off Olav is a good singer and gives the vocals as much exploration as the music.

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Martiria – R-Evolution Review

Overall it’s a very very tight album. Excellent musicianship and the whilst the focus I am sure will be on Vinny Appice in the short term, the great lyrics from Capelli and Cosma’s voice really set this out from the crowd.

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Nightstalker – Dead Rock Commandos Review

DEAD ROCK COMMANDOS is one of those albums that does feel a little long for it’s own good, and without many pace or tempo changes it has a habit of sort of blending into one big fuzz-fest…