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High Fighter – Scars and Crosses Review

ll in all, Scars and Crosses takes the listener on a bumpy ride through a spectrum of sounds and influences: venomous blues, blistering pop, pitch black psychedelia and sunny day punk sounds, all while staying in the shadow of doom and stoner metal.

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Rwake – Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness Review

This is the earliest recording from experimental doom/sludge monsters Rwake. This was recorded by the Arkansas outfit in the late 90s when the band were very young, this is a point in time and demonstrates where they came from to go on to produce such monstrous records like “Voices of Omens”

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Ethereal Riffian – Aeonian Review

Aeonian really is something different, and if you like music that washes over your senses and transcends the typical format then this might be the album for you. With this album ETHEREAL RIFFIAN have really put up a good statement in the whole ‘music is/isn’t true art’ debate and it’s something that should be experienced by anybody that enjoys classy, progressive music in any of it’s multitude of different forms.

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The Sullen Route – Apocalyclinic Review

THE SULLEN ROUTE have ensured that while the drawn-out nature of the style still carries the tunes, there’s still enough going on to keep less-hardcore fans from falling asleep.