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Doyle at The Rave, Milwaukee 28 March 2015

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (real name, Paul Caiafa), entered the music business in 1980 at the tender age of 16 as guitarist of the legendary punk band the Misfits. Working initially as a roadie, he was taught to play guitar by his older brother, bassist Jerry Only and vocalist and songwriter Glen Danzig. After the dissolution of the Danzig lead Misfits in 1983, Doyle & Jerry went on to release one EP as Kryst the Conqueror in 1989 before reforming the Misfits in 1995. Doyle would leave the Misfits fold for good in 2000 and release one album with his band Gorgeous Frankenstein in 2007.

Album Reviews

Doyle – Abominator Review

Old school Misfit fans will likely enjoy this album as there are plenty of hints of his legacy here, but I’m personally not able to love it as much as I likely would’ve 15 years ago or more. Was hoping to catch him on tour with Danzig soon, but the night they’re playing in my area I won’t be able to make, which is disappointing as I think these songs would transfer to a live setting much better than on album. Overall Abominator is a good album that has some great ups and a few downs, but after a couple listens I went from expecting to write a less than rave review to saying that it’s pretty decent.