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Interview with Starset vocalist, Dustin Bates

Please hold. STARSET will begin the TRANSMISSION of the Message to the public shortly. ignorance : slavery :: knowledge : power END TRANSMISSION”
To better understand the message, MGM spoke to lead singer Dustin Bates prior to their show at KOKO in Camden Town, London.


Interview with Trey Williams (Drums) (Dying Fetus)

There’ll be a couple of others. Can’t confirm them yet. But yeah, we’re going to come back in the Summer and do the festival thing. Other than that though, we going to really focus on putting a new album together. We don’t want to have any touring lined up for a little while so we can just put the axe to the grindstone and make a really sharp, good album.


Interview with Dave Chavarri (Drums) (Ill Nino)

The decision of combining metal and Latin music came about when I returned from playing drums for Soulfly, and I was looking to fuse Latin percussion with ethnic tones of some sort, and actual melody and singing. I’m not gonna lie, our sound came about from tons of experimenting, jamming, and partly from not knowing what the fuck we were doing, ha ha ha.


Interview with Fredrik Andersson (Drummer) (Amon Amarth)

I am proud of being where I am right now. I mean when I grew up I am pretty sure that most people knowing me like in school they thought that I would be dead by now. At least we are a pretty drug-free band. No one really does any hardcore drugs we drink. I think we try to do it right.


Interview with Mark Gibson (Drums) (LostAlone) support for The Darkness

“Muse seem an obvious comparison if only due to a shared love of the surprising, there’s something of classic Queen in the mix but filtered in an altogether more vital and contemporary manner….one you’ll want to follow this year” KKKK Kerrang!