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Interview with writer, musician and British rock legend, Jim Lea [Slade]

Interview with Jim Lea by Adrian Hextall James Whild “Jim” Lea (born 14 June 1949) is an English musician, most notable for playing bass guitar, keyboards, piano, violin, guitar, and singing backing vocals in Slade from their inception until 1992, and for co-writing most of their songs. We caught up with Jim to talk about […]

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Thuum – Through Smoke, Comes Fire E.P. review

Inside this Cavern is Worthless, and despite its name, this track is far from it. 7 Minutes plus of heavy headbanging beats, with long instrumentals that allow each musician to show off their prowess.

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From Beyond – One Year Review

The vocals are aggressive and a little un-hinged, but somehow also manage to remain pretty clean and more legible than a lot of Doom based bands that add a certain layer of Death Metal to the vocals.

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The Company Band – Pros And Cons Review

the line-up consists of CLUTCH vocalist Neil Fallon, James Rota from FIREBALL MINISTRY, brother of Bam and CKY drummer Jess Margera, FU MANCHU bassist Brad Davis and guitarist Dave Bone..

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Kaos – Validated In Blood Review

Once again I hear tips of the hat to TESTAMENT, SLAYER, EXODUS and MEGADETH, mixed with the slight modern overtones of the groovier acts like PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD and a tiny little bit of TRIVIUM…

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Nation Despair – Exitium Mundi Review

The band play a brand of death metal that combines the brutality of traditional death metal, with the more melodic and symphonic touched of the modern variety of death metal to find a really good balanced middle ground that should appeal to fans from both sides of the fence…