Album Reviews

Thunder – Wonder Days Review

British Rockers ‘Thunder’ are back with their tenth studio album ‘Wonder Days’ and we couldn’t be more excited. Released February16th this is the first studio album Thunder have recorded in six years.

Album Reviews

Saga – 20:20 Review

With a band full of such talented musicians and song-writers there’s no fear of the rest of the group following Sadler’s enthusiasm either…this product is a result of band refreshed and ready to go…

Album Reviews

Unisonic – Unisonic Review

For anyone not particularly close to the ex Helloween camp mates, Kiske a terrific vocalist that was part of this iconic power metal band from 1986 to 1993, and Hansen of course was one of the main songwriters and main guitar player in Helloween as well.

Album Reviews

Nazareth – Big Dogz

The best part of this album? The vocal work of Dan McCafferty, who at the ripe age of 65 still has one of the best pure whiskey-soaked hard rock voices in the game, and has stayed consistently good for all these years. Co-founder and partner in crime bassist Pete Agnew also provides something a little special here…

DVD Reviews

Marillion – Live From Cadogan Hall DVD Review

I admire the way Hogarth explains the meanings behind some of the songs and why they we’re written, it adds a nice prelude to when the band’s actually starts playing them in this constitute. It takes a mature band and experience one at that to ease their way through some of their long list of catalog material and add new meaning to each song when presented in this abstract format.